Wellbeing is the Next Big Topic for HR & Analytics

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An HR Metric toolkit for Investors/shareholders

Couple of months ago, I wrote a LinkedIn article “Why investors/CEOs not yet talking about Human Capital performance as much as they do for Financial Capital?and received multiple questions as where to start? Possibly we needed a toolkit that can guide us on starting point. Pension and Lifetime Savings association in UK, has come out with a guidelines post multiple meetings with industry practitioners, investors & C-suite participants and here is what they could compile as guidelines  “Understanding the worth of the workforce – A stewardship toolkit for pension funds“.


What’s Trending:

“Wellbeing” is the Next Big Topic for HR & Analytics

Per Wikipedia, Well-being, , welfare or wellness is a general term for the condition of an individual or group, for example their social, economic, psychological, spiritual or medical state; a high level of well-being means in some sense the individual or group’s condition is positive, while low well-being is associated with negative happenings.

For corporates, it focuses on offering programs that support their workforce in a holistic way – and help their organizations win the battle for success. In collaboration with workforce magazine, Virgin Pulse created a fascinating report on the subject comparing year-over-year results and highlighting health and wellbeing program trends – ‘The Business of Healthy Employees 2016: A Survey of Workplace Health Priorities’. HR Analytics function should start to talk about all possible measurement associated to Wellbeing.


Correlation – health, wellbeing, and productivity in the workplace

A multivariate regression on a variety of health-risk and work-environment factors in association with workplace productivity lost (sample consisting 21,822 employees from 82 UK), reveals lack of sleep, financial concerns, giving unpaid care to family members, mental-health problems, unrealistic work related time pressure has negative association with productivity. Read Britain’s Healthiest Company summary report by Marco Hafner, Christian van Stolk, Catherine L. Saunders, Joachim Krapels, Ben Baruch.


How data from personal monitoring devices could lower health care costs

A worth read from Greg Goth on HR can leverage data originated from health claims by employees and data generated from personal monitoring devices. However, the topic is debatable in the light of “privacy”, “discrimination” & “Big-Brother Organization culture” around collecting personal data and using it for further analysis – Next-Step Analytics: Promoting Health with Fitness Trackers 


Analytics: navigating your way to the peak of employee wellbeing

Another approach to start making progress on this front could be as simple as articulated by Damian Stancombe in his article Analytics: navigating your way to the peak of employee wellbeing.


Wellness initiatives hindered due to lack of employee health analytics

However, there are challenges achieving data-driven wellbeing program. Adrian Lewis explains why Wellness initiatives hindered due to lack of employee health analytics.



The Evolution of Work – The Changing Nature of the Global Workplace

A research report by ADP Research Insititute on future of work reveals demand for greater choice and flexibility; access to real-time learning; increased autonomy; a sense of stability; and the ability to work on personally meaningful projects as critical factors driving global workplace transformation.


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