Humans Need Not Apply


Change is inevitable. Growth is optional – John C Maxwell, an appropriate quote for HR to reflect on. Change brings technological advancement, which in turn raises critic on its impact on . A 15 minutes video by GCP Grey titled The human need not apply sets the tone loud and clear.


AI, Robotics, and the Future of Jobs

Pew Research Center surveyed 1896 experts, and they seem to be equally divided on how advances in AI & Robotics will change the economic and employment picture over the years. An edited version of the transcript and video produced by McKinsey Global Institute partner Michael Chui and MGI director James Manyika.

AI and Robotics will be integrated into nearly every aspect of most of the people’s daily life by 2025. Pew Research report by Aaron Smith and  Janna Anderson captures thoughts in favor and against from those who expect AI and Robotics will impact future of work positive/Neutral vs. displace more jobs than they create.


The Knowledge Jobs Most Likely to Be Automated Augmented

One of the key themes that came out from Pew Research report was that impacts from automation have thus far impacted mostly blue-collar employment; the coming wave of innovation threatens to upend professional work as well. Julia Kirby,  a senior editor at Harvard University Press, with Thomas H. Davenport, president’s distinguished professor of management and information technology at Babson College, and cofounder of the International Institute for Analytics, looked at compliance as one of the jobs that can be augmented rather than automated using AI.

Harriet Taylor, a CNBC Tech Reporter, finds Finance and Insurance as another potential area that can be augmented using AI & Robotics.

Welcome to The Robot-Based Workforce: Will Your Job Become Automated Too?

More Robot augmented stories: Fully automated Resturant – Etasa, Legal research tool – Ross, Bartender Robot – Monsieur, Retail Associate Robot – Oshbot, Dominos’s Pizza delivery Robot – Brisbane, Hotel Room Cleaning – Maidbot, Mabu- The Robot friend. Most of these products are “an augmentation, not replacement” of manpower.

Is Your Job Susceptible to Robotics?

Top 5 Jobs in the UK that are more likely to be automated – Telephone salesperson, Typist or related keyboard worker, Legal Secretary, Financial accounts manager, and Routine inspector and tester, based on an interactive tool produced by Nassos Stylianou, Tom Nurse, Gerry Fletcher, Aidan Fewster, Richard Bangay and John Walton of BBC.

Similar Charting for the Automation Potential of U.S. Jobs by Jeff Desjardins, founder, and editor of Visual Capitalist.

Rise of the Machines: What Automation Means for HR


3.5 million new more highly skilled jobs have been created in 15 years compared to 800,000 jobs lost, per Deloitte’s From brawn to brains report. This finding sounds more reassuring than alarming. Jenny Roper, an editor at HR Magzine, analyzes Rise of the Machines And What Automation Means for HR.


Five Ways Technology Is Impacting HR For The Better

Forbes Human Resource Council interviewed five accomplished HR Executives to understand how technology is impacting HR for the better.


HR Robots: Transformers in Disguise?

Andrew Spence, an HR Transformation Specialist & Founder of Glass Bead Consulting, refers Robots in HR as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). A lot of administrative HR will become increasingly automated but qualifies that demand for strategic HR is only heightening.

For Deloitte’s vice chair and London senior partner Angus Knowles-Cutler, this should mean HR professionals’ work “over time is going to get more interesting and be more important to the corporate agenda.” He explains that in an economy increasingly moving towards routine work for robots and skilled work for humans, HR will become ever more critical. “In a high-skill economy you need talent coming in and to train, retain and develop talent,” he says. “So the HR function will be vital going forward.”

Bots are inescapable and to stay on the table, HR can’t afford to choose Growth as optional. So, the HR will race with the machine, instead of racing against the machine.

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