Inside’s IAG digital HR transformation

“You can spend as much money as you want on the user experience – but if the employee experience isn’t good, and it’s not easy to use for finding information quickly, employees won’t use it.”

Anecdotal reports may suggest that mobile-wielding employees are begging to run their entire work lives from their phones and tablets, but the head of IAG’s HR transformation effort quickly realised there was more to the story.

“IAG was looking to optimise and digitise our people and culture (P&C) service offerings” to better support the company’s 15,000 global employees, he said.

Attaining this lofty goal was a clear challenge considering IAG’s more than 20 legacy HR platforms – which support brands including NRMA Insurance, CGU Insurance, Swann Insurance, Lumley Insurance, WFI, SGIO, and SGIC – were either unintegrated or so heavily customised that they were too complex to be integrated.

The organisation had no system to measure how it was performing, no service catalogue, no clear service level agreements, and no clear performance indicators beyond vague operational goals. It turned to ServiceNow to address some of these shortfalls.

They did achieve it. The first three weeks after launch saw more than 7600 unique visitors to the page, with the most interest in employee discounts and recruitment and career information.
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