Artificial Intelligence – What every CEO should be asking?

The current speed of development, the sheer range of possible applications, and the potential impact of AI suggest that it’s time for CEOs to pay attention. So, what are the questions every CEO should be asking? CEOs must invest the necessary time and attention to understand what AI is and where the opportunities are.

Futurist Rohit Talwar, CEO of Fast Future Publishing believes there are ten questions that need to be asked in order to assess and invest in AI’s transformative potential:

  1. What’s the fuss about?
  2. What’s its potential?
  3. How fast is it moving?
  4. How deep should we take it?
  5. Could it take the CEO’s Job?
  6. Who should lead?
  7. What would success look like?
  8. How do we preserve the feminine?
  9. How will staff respond?
  10. How do we address social impact?

Read the full story – Artificial Intelligence; What every CEO should be asking and reflect what should be the course of action for CHROs if CEOs are expected to think in these lines.

The pace of development and potential of AI mean that it is not something we can afford to put off – it is perhaps the single most important area of decision-making business leaders will face over the next few years. The depth of a CEOs understanding of AI could be the crucial differentiator between success and failure of firms in a fast-changing world.

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