HR Technology – Avoiding Spray and Pray Syndrome

As someone who has spent the vast majority of a 25+ year career focused on technology and how it can improve the lives of HR and Benefits professionals, I couldn’t be happier to see an increased focus on technology within our industry.  Within the last week alone, the following headlines have popped up in my in-box from our friends at Employee Benefit Advisor:  Taking Action on HR Technology; The digital healthcare revolution is just beginning; and 7 up-and-coming trends in HR tech.  We are in a time of unprecedented growth of technology within our industry and yet, unfortunately, too many advisors and agencies continue to take a “spray and pray” approach with their clients.  This approach will most certainly not address the root of an employer’s problems because you cannot solve a problem without first seeking to specifically understand from where the pain is coming.  It is the proverbial, ready, shoot, aim approach — and it will miss the mark.

According to Rogers, there are 5 types of profiles that determine how quickly (or not) someone is willing to adopt an innovation.  What is their risk tolerance?  How well prepared are employees to utilize new technology?  Do they have a track record of successful technical implementations?


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