Dilem​ma: Analytics Maturity Model Vs Organizational Capability​

Workforce Analytics industry practitioners and Gurus have been pushing the agenda of Business Impact for a while now, including latest Josh Bersin’s HR trend report – New rules of People Analytics.

However, when you walk into HR conferences, round-table discussions with industry thought-leaders/practitioners, we are stuck with three words – descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive. HR is not stuck in neutral but these words.

The most frequently asked question in conferences – how do I move to predictive analytics? In fact, the below picture (and variations of the same) will be the most recognizable and widely used picture:

There is nothing wrong with these words are pictures, but this sends a different message – Touch me not, if you are not good with numbers or statistics or technology.

@Thought Leaders & Gurus:

When are you going to stop talking about Analytics maturity model and start talking about maturity model of business problem statements – something like what Thomas H. Davenport, Jeanne Harris, and Jeremy Shapiro articulated in their paper “competing on talent analytics.”


Shouldn’t you start telling the story of delivering business value (real-life examples) using workforce analytics?


Are you too worried about telling the world that “your organization is using predictive analytics, ” or solving the business problem that your organization is having?

Shouldn’t you start thinking if you are building a department driven workforce capability – let’s call it – “Adhoc” OR C-suite driven, globally integrated, real-time predictive metrics led “Innovation Leader” capability?

Departing Thoughts to Reflect:


  • You are building the capability to solve the business problem using a blended power of all types of analytics.
  • You envision to walk on a path that enables you to become from an “Adhoc” workforce analytics capability to be a market (innovation) leader that defines the industry and business models of tomorrow.
  • You are truly focused on embracing analytics in your organization DNA for decision making – changing the way your company works today?

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